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Sales Page Design

How to Get A Beautiful School If You’re NOT a Designer or Developer

You’ve tried building your own Teachable pages but somehow everything just looks… underwhelming. There must be a way to build a beautiful Teachable school… you’ve seen them out in the wild! But no matter how hard you try… you can’t connect the dots and build those beautiful pages yourself. Well, what if you had a school you could be proud of? What if your sales page reflected the world-class quality of your course?


Sales Page Design

Includes one full-length sales page built with our tried-and-tested structure, a simple home page, and filler copy so you can easily insert your own text to match our recommended sections.

Full Course Set-Up

Give Us One Week and We’ll Give You One Launch-Ready Course

You’ve spent months creating your course content, wrestling with recordings and video editing… only to cross the final hurdle and realise… it’s not even the final hurdle.

Now you have to become a course tech expert too. All of the settings, all of the integrations, all of the overwhelm.

Imagine, instead, working with an official Teachable Expert who will complete every aspect of your course set-up in just one week…


Full Course Set-Up

Includes everything in the Sales Page Design package PLUS full upload of one course, configuration of all essential settings and integrations, and training from an expert so you can manage it all yourself in future.

Complex School Set-Up

Sell Your Expertise With Multiple Products And All the Bells and Whistles

You want to sell your expertise online… but there are so many different ways you want to package it all up!

You have a course… but what about a coaching upsell? What about selling multiple courses in a bundle? What about offering a monthly membership subscription? And setting it all up is a tech minefield.

What if you had an expert configure all of the nuts and bolts, so you can sell your expertise in exactly the way you want?


Complex School Set-Up

Includes everything in the Course Set-Up package PLUS we set up the infrastructure for your multi-product school. So that’s one full course uploaded, and the tech configured for all your other products too.