Our Services

Mini Course Set-Up

Your Mini Course of 1-5 Lectures Ready for Launch on Teachable in One Week

Mini courses are a great way to generate leads for your flagship course. They let you demonstrate your expertise and value before asking students to invest in your full course.

Send us your mini course content (up to 5 lectures) and we’ll build it out on Teachable so that it’s ready to start enrolling students.


Mini Course Set-Up

Does your course have fewer than 5 lectures? We’ll set up it up in full on Teachable, including all of the essential pages and settings… without you lifting a finger.

Full Course Set-Up

Your Full Course of 6-16 Lectures Uploaded and Configured by Experts

You’ve spent months creating your course content… only to cross the final hurdle and realise that it’s not even the final hurdle. Now you have to become a course tech expert too. All of the settings, all of the integrations, all of the overwhelm.

Imagine, instead, working with an official Teachable Expert who will complete every aspect of your course set-up in just one week…


Full Course Set-Up

We’ll set up your course from start to finish, including uploading the course content for up to 16 lectures, configuring all settings and building out your key pages.

Live Tech Support

Spend Time 1:1 With an Official Teachable Expert

Mostly set up your course but stuck with a few irritating tech issues? Hop on Zoom with a Teachable Expert.

We’re happy for you to throw quickfire questions at us (Q&A-style) if you have specific issues, OR we’ll go through a more structured session with you, showing you how to set up your course with Teachable. You set the agenda—just let us know how we can help!


Live Tech Support

Book time with a Teachable Expert to iron out any tech issues. Ask questions, show us your school, make changes with us live… plus get a recording of the call.