Sell Your Expertise On Teachable With Multiple Products And All the Bells and Whistles

Teachable Set-Up Service For More Complex Multi-Product Schools

Full set-up for one whole course (content upload and all settings configured)
Technical infrastructure set-up for multiple other products, bundles and memberships, with just the curriculum upload left to you
Beautifully-designed pages including a multi-product sales page and homepage
Advanced integrations like analytics, conversion-tracking and more


Sometimes Students Want More Than Just A Course

Maybe they’ll want multiple courses bundled together.

Maybe they’ll want membership to a full training library.

Maybe they’ll want coaching thrown in too.

Maybe they’ll want extra support options.

Maybe they’ll want to get your book.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat teach online and you want to offer your students options rather than just one course.

The Problem?

Setting Up One Course Is Hard Enough, Let Alone Multiple Products

It all sounds so straightforward in your head…

You tell yourself, “students will be able to choose just one course, or three courses bundled together, or lifetime access to all courses. Simple!”

So you open up Teachable… and you realise you have no idea how it needs to all fit together.

Let alone in a way that makes sense to your students…

And you’re lightyears away from making it look good…

“Why is this so complicated?!” you ask yourself…

But What If…

What If You Had An Expert To Set Up All Of The Tech Infrastructure FOR You?

What if all you had to do was fill in the course content for products that have already been set up and configured for you?

What if you could be completely confident that every piece of the puzzle was linked up so that students can understand and choose from any of your various buying options with ease?

What if you had access to an official Teachable Expert to show you exactly how it all fits together to make sure you can confidently run your online school rather than being bewildered by the tech?


Our Complex School Set-Up Package

We’ll Set Up One Full Course AND Configure The Tech For Your Multi-Product School (Memberships, Bundles and/or Coaching)

This package includes everything in our Full Course Set-Up Package PLUS we’ll configure the tech for your more complex school infrastructure, including a master sales page that offers multiple product options rather than just one course.

So that’s one full course uploaded and configured, and any other courses and products configured so that all you need to do is add the course/product content itself.

All we’ll need from you are your course materials, a plan for what your school should offer students, and a few Zoom calls.

Other than that, you get to sit back and relax.

What’s Included?

You’ll Get Everything In Our Full Course Set-Up Package PLUS…


One full course upload with all settings configured by an official Teachable Expert

We’ll upload all of the course materials for one full course, and configure all of the settings (pricing, drip schedule, coupons, comments, certificates, and more).


One master sales page offering a variety of packages and/or payment options

Rather than one sales page for every product or combination of products, we’ll create one beautiful master sales page that offers students a variety of options for working with you.


Full infrastructure for your ideal school set-up, including coaching, bundles and more

While we’ll only upload the actual materials for one full course, we’ll configure the essential settings for your full product range, including the bundles and pricing plans.


A beautiful homepage and an individual sales page template you can use on repeat

Along with the master product sales page, will leave you with a simple but beautiful sales page template you can reuse again and again to sell products individually on your school.

PLUS Expert Support

So You’re Confident With Managing Your Own School

We go a few steps further than just setting up your school and sending you on your way. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable taking over your account when we’re done and have confidence that you can manage things yourself in future. So, we also include in our package…

1x Expert Training Session

At the end of our week together, we’ll schedule a handover call that doubles as a training session to show you how it all works, and cover any questions you might have about your Teachable school or the future management of your online course. You’ll set the agenda, so, depending on your level, you might like us to include a beginner’s guide to the back end of Teachable or, for more advanced users, you might like us to show you more complex features (like Zapier, memberships, group access or bundles). Whatever will give you the confidence to take the reins of your school once it’s up and running!

2 Weeks of Instant Chat Support

For the whole week that we’ll be working on your school, you’ll have access to your dedicated Teachable Expert via Slack to answer any burning questions. PLUS we’ll keep you on instant chat for one extra week in case you run into any issues when you take over your school!

Are You Ready To Finally Start Selling Your Expertise Online?

The world of online learning is BOOMING and your prospective students are looking for ways to learn from experts like you.
To get your school set-up in just one week by a Teachable Expert (including everything listed out above)…
Today’s Price is Only $997

(Limited spots available so book in advance!)

⬇️ How It Works ⬇️

We Run A Tight Ship To Ensure Your Course Is Ready ASAP!


Book Your
Start Date

Choose an available Monday in the upcoming months and that’s when we’ll start setting up your pages, with the aim of wrapping up that very same week.


Send Your
Course Materials

The first thing we’ll need are your finished course materials (videos, PDFs, text, etc) for the one course we’ll be uploading and setting up in its entirety.


Submit Your Design Brief

Complete a short form to tell us what you like design-wise. You can also specify your own sales page structure if you want to branch out from our default sections.


Attend A
Kick-Off Call

Before we start our project, we’ll arrange a call to talk through every detail of your course to make sure we know exactly how you want it all set up.


We Build Your First Draft

On your chosen start date, we’ll start building out your course and pages. We’ll wrap this step up by midweek, ready for you to send over any feedback.


Attend A Feedback Call

We’ll hop on Zoom to walk through everything we’ve done, so you can give us a full round of feedback in time for us to make changes by the end of the week.


Attend Our Final Handover Call

Often the most valuable session we’ll have together, the handover call doubles as a training session, to make sure you’re totally comfortable taking the reins!

About CourseUp

Recommended Teachable Experts

We were made official “Teachable Experts” back in 2017 and, since then, we’ve helped hundreds of clients set up their online courses.

We quickly noticed, though, that some clients didn’t just have a course…

Some clients had much bigger plans for their school… and they wanted to create an online infobusiness with multiple products and multiple formats for their audience to access.

But the tech involved with setting up these more complex schools was often so confusing that our clients hit a wall.

And that’s where our Complex School Set-Up package comes in.

Sell More Than Just A Course With Teachable For Only $997

We’ll take you from a blank school to a multi-product learning platform in one week!

We’re only able to take on a limited number of projects each week, so book now to avoid disappointment—these spots really do fill up!

This Is For You If…


You Want To Offer Multiple Products, Bundles or Membership Options

Rather than just one course, you have a vision for a full info-business on Teachable where students are offered a variety of ways to learn from you.


Your Course Materials Are Completely Finished And Ready To Go

Don’t use us as a deadline! We expect all of the materials for the one course we’ll be setting up fully to be totally ready to upload before booking your start date with us. Book when you’re really ready to go.


You Want Someone To Handle All Of The Course Tech For You ASAP

You know it might take months to sort all of the tech yourself, so you’d rather have an expert handle it so you can launch quicker and generate sales sooner.


But You Also Want To Learn How To Manage It Yourself In Future

You want to make sure you understand it enough to run it by yourself without an expert—all achieved through our complementary 1:1 training session.

But Not For You If…

You Only Have One Course Rather Than Multiple Products or Offers

This package is all about setting up multiple products in Teachable so that your students can choose the learning option that best suits them.

You Haven't Finished Developing Your Course Materials Yet

We’re looking for people who can hit the ground running and go from raw content to a finished school in one week.

You Just Want To Set It All Up Yourself But Need A Few Pointers

This is our done-for-you service, but if you want to learn how to sort the tech yourself, you might like to check out our 1:1 Training Sessions.

You Need Someone To Build A Marketing Funnel Or Ad System

We’re the course tech people rather than the marketing people—we’ll build your school and connect it to other platforms but you’ll be responsible for sending traffic and setting up funnels and ads.

Every Week Spent Without A Live School Is A Week Wasted

And look…
The tech isn’t going to sort itself or get much easier.
So if you want to start enrolling students and reaping the rewards of your course creation efforts…

Partner With Us To Get Your School Ready FAST

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About This Service

How long will it take to have a finished course/school?

When you book your set-up, you’ll choose a start date and that’s when we’ll begin work on your school. Our aim is always to have our part of your school set-up finished by the end of that same week, provided we have all of the information and materials we need before work commences. Then it’s up to you to add your remaining content to each of your products and pages.

What do you need from me?

Most importantly, we need finished course materials from you, for the one course we’ll be setting up in its entirety. Whether that’s in the form of videos, text or PDFs is up to you, but we do require that any materials for your course are provided before the project start date. You’ll also need to know (or be ready to make decisions about) the basic information about your course—for example, the pricing plan(s), content release schedule, etc. If you’re not sure about some of that info, we’re happy to work through it with you on our kick-off call to help you make those decisions.

Do you work with any other course platforms?

As official Teachable Experts, Teachable is our go-to course platform. We don’t currently work with other course platforms, however, we’re happy to work with other tools and platforms that connect with Teachable. For example, during our course set-ups, we often connect Teachable with tools like ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Sumo, etc.

Can I submit my own design for my sales page and homepage?
Yes! Our briefing process aims to get all of your best creative ideas down on paper so we can work to your specific preferences. You’ll have the choice of giving us a full brief (the colours, fonts and imagery you like, for example), or deferring entirely to us if you’d like us to take the reigns and make the design choices for you.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

How will my custom sales page actually be built?

We use custom code for all of our builds, since that’s the best way for us to have total freedom in terms of design choice and create pages that truly “wow” your audience.

Inside Teachable’s page editor, we’ll create each section of the page as it’s own Custom HTML block with code inside. We’ll also be adding a bunch of custom CSS to your school, which is the code that specifies how things should look on the page (colours, fonts, styling, etc).

Remember, though, that we include training videos so that you can feel comfortable editing the content yourself in future. We know that many course creators find code overwhelming so we’ve put certain measures in place to make sure you know how to handle your pages!

Will my school design be completely unique?

Yes! We never build two pages exactly the same. When we’re building using our recommended structure for your sales page, the sections on your page will be the same as other pages, but the design elements (fonts, colours, styling, images) will be unique to your course and your brand.

How will I tell you what I need?

We’ll arrange a call during the week before your start date to talk through all of your requirements and make sure we have all of the information we need. As for assets like course videos, colour palettes or PDFs, we have a dedicated asset-submission form where you can upload all of your materials that we’ll need to work with.

Can you FULLY set up more than one course rather than just one?

This package includes the full set-up for just one course, along with the technical set-up for your other products (i.e. pricing plans, bundles, memberships, etc). So all you’ll need to do is populate those products with content when we’re done, and we’re more than happy to provide guidance on how to do that if you get stuck.

We don’t currently fully set up multiple courses for clients as a part of this package, but our aim is to set up the infrastructure so you’re at a point where the rest of your set-up is a breeze.

Does Teachable do XYZ?

We can’t cover everything that Teachable does (or doesn’t do) here, but there are a couple of ways to find out whether it fits your requirements. First, we recommend going to the Teachable Support site and searching for your question. For example, if you’d like to know whether you can offer a membership where members get access to all of your courses rather than just one, search “membership” and you’ll find that Teachable accommodates this very easily. If your search comes up empty, though, shoot us a message via the chat in the corner of this page and we’d be happy to give you a yes or no as to whether Teachable does what you’re looking for.

Will you write my sales page copy?

Our service provides you with tried-and-tested sections that include filler copy where you can fill in the blanks to craft a conversion-focused sales page. With this option, you won’t need a professional writer to do it for you! You’ll be given the structure of a great sales page and be able to add your own content to finish it yourself.

If your copy is ready to be added to your pages before we wrap up, we’re also happy to do the legwork of actually adding your copy to each section.

Will I be able to edit my sales page content myself?

Absolutely. However, it’s important to note that the majority of our page-building is done with custom code, so in order to make changes, you’ll need to dive into the code yourself. Don’t panic, though. We know code can be overwhelming for some course creators, so we do everything we can to make sure you’re able to confidently make these changes yourself in future.

The first way we do that is by providing you with a handful of training videos that show you exactly how to edit the content and styling. Follow along with our videos and you’ll be able to edit text, images, colours, fonts and more.

Secondly, we’ll provide you with a separate back-up copy of all of your code via a tool called CodePen. That means that if anything goes wrong with your editing, you can always remove your broken code and replace it with our original code just by copying and pasting.

Can I reuse the sections and pages you've built for future courses?

Definitely! You’ll see that each of the sections in your sales page is made of a block of code that can be pasted anywhere in your school. That means you can copy elements of the page we make for you and use them to piece together your own pages in future.

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