1:1 Tech Support Sessions With an Official Teachable Expert

Schedule a Zoom call and ask a Teachable Expert your burning tech questions

Set your own Q&A agenda or follow along with a general demo
Suitable for total non-techies and Teachable beginners
Work on your school live with expert guidance
Every session is recorded so you can watch it back

You’ve Tried Piecing It Together On Your Own

But There Are Just A Handful Of Things You Can’t Figure Out

Your course is mostly ready ready, but one tech issue after another rears its head. First the curriculum upload, then the sales page builder, then the email templates and drip schedule, then the thank you pages and checkout pages, then the homepage and the certificates and the course compliance…

You want to get this thing live but the tech is holding you back!

Submitting Support Tickets One By One Isn’t Giving You The Confidence You Need

You Still Don't Know How It All Works

You piece together an understanding of the tech, one feature at a time… but you’re still not sure how it all fits together or whether you’re setting it up in the best way for your particular business.

You're Worried You'll Miss Something Important

Even when you finish setting up your course, there’s so much to do that you worry there’s something you’ve forgotten about… something that will cause problems for your students or your sales when you launch.

So How About This…

What If You Could Confidently Master Your Course Set-Up?


What if you could learn in minutes what might take you hours to figure out on your own?


What if you could stop going round in circles with your tech and launch the damn thing already?


What if you had the undivided attention of a certified expert to answer all of your tech questions in a way you can understand?

All Without Slow Support Tickets Or Confusing Help Docs…

But HOW?

1:1 Tech Support Sessions With A Teachable Expert

Spend time with an official Teachable Expert to ask any questions about your course tech. Set your own Q&A-style agenda or follow along with a pre-planned demo to get you up to speed and running your own tech quickly and confidently.

That’s Expert Training & Advice Without…

Confusing instructions that you don’t understand
Long delays waiting for replies to support tickets
Worrying you’ve missed an important step in your set-up

How It Works

Set The Agenda Yourself OR Follow Along With A Live Demo

We’re happy for you to throw quickfire questions at us (Q&A-style) if you have specific issues you want resolved, OR we’ll go through a more formal training session with you, showing you how to set up your course with Teachable. You set the agenda.


Book A Time That Works For You


Tell Us Your Goals For The Session


Spend Time 1:1 With An Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About The Training Sessions

Where will the session take place?

All of our training sessions take place via Zoom. When you book, you’ll be sent your joining info—just click the link when it’s time for our session and we’ll see you there!

How long will my training session last?

You can book sessions in either 30-minute or 1-hour instalments. You’re more than welcome to book multiple sessions, but we limit it to 1 hour max for each session.

Will I get access to a recording?

Yes! All of these sessions are recorded and we’ll send you the file afterwards so you can review the training at any point in future. We don’t use the recordings for any other purposes and we’ll delete them one week after our session.

What will be included in the session?

That really is up to you! It’s your session, so all you need to do is let us know what you hope to achieve from our time together. If you have a big list of tech questions to run through, great! If you just don’t know where to even start, that’s fine too—we’re happy to start right from the beginning and walk you through how to use Teachable as a total newbie.

Do you offer marketing training?

While we’ve been known to dispense the occasional piece of marketing advice, ultimately, we’re tech experts rather than marketing experts, so our training focuses mainly in that area. However, we’ve set up the tech side of many marketing systems and funnels for clients over the years, so we can absolutely advise on the “practical” (tech) side of marketing and what we’ve seen work for many of our most successful clients in the past.

Do you only cover Teachable?

While we don’t work with other course platforms at all (Kajabi, Thinkific, LearnDash, etc), we’re happy to cover other tools that work together with Teachable, like ConvertKit, Zapier, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and others. We’ve worked with plenty of other tools and platforms over the years… none quite to the same extent as Teachable, but tech is our thing and we’re happy to help however we can.

This Is For You If…


You Find Tech Confusing & Overwhelming

You’re new to the online course world and just aren’t tech-minded. It’s all new, unfamiliar, and overwhelming.


You Want To Understand The Best Way To Set Up Teachable For Your Business

You have an idea of how you want it to work, but aren’t sure of the best way to set it up (or if it’s even possible!).


You Don't Have The Budget (Or Desire) To Have Someone Set It All Up For You

You’re either running with a start-up budget or you just want to set it up yourself so you can understand it all. You want to master this yourself.

But Not For You If…

You Need Account-Specific Tech Support

We’re not a replacement for Teachable Support when it comes to bugs or issues that are specific to your account (like billing, payments, etc).

You Want Marketing Advice Rather Than Tech Training

We can give pointers on marketing here and there, but the tech side of things is our true area of expertise.

You Want To Someone To Do It All For You

We totally offer “done for you” services, but this isn’t the place for that! These sessions are all about teaching you how to set up your own tech.

Book Your Session

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Remember! The more detail you can provide about your goals for the session, the better we can prepare and make sure you get the most value out of our time together.