Give Us One Week And We’ll Give You A Launch-Ready Course On Teachable

Full content upload for one course (videos, PDFs, quizzes and more)
All essential settings configured (pricing, coupons, drips and more)
A beautifully-designed sales page ready for your sales copy to be added
Your homepage and navigation optimized for a smooth student experience
Don’t Know If You Noticed But…

Online Courses Are Kind Of A Big Deal Right Now

The online course industry is set to be worth $325 billion by 2025

And if you want a piece of that pie…

NOW is the time to stake your claim

So What’s The Hold Up?

You’re Desperate To Launch But The Tech Is Slowing You Down

Since you first had the idea for your online course, you’ve successfully wrestled botched recordings and confusing editing software. You’ve overcome your imposter syndrome and created a course you’re proud of. Most importantly, you’ve created a course that will transform the lives of your students.

“Now all that’s left,” you say to yourself, “is setting it up on Teachable.”
Simple, right?

But you soon realise that as a tech newbie… you’re painfully out of your depth.
It dawns on you that this simple final step wasn’t so simple after all. In fact, it was a whole new giant project when you thought you were inches from the finish line.

You’ve Tried Piecing It Together On Your Own

But The More Time You Spend, The More Frustrated You Get

The Tech Is Confusing And Overwhelming

It feels like you need to Google every single setting to understand what it means and, even then, you still don’t understand how it all fits together. Even the “help” docs don’t seem to actually help and just make you feel even more lost.

Any Progress You Make Is At A Snail's Pace

You look up and realise that it’s been months since you first started working on your course and, aside from having created the raw materials, you’re no closer to actually having a launchable product that students can buy.

You Have No Confidence You're Doing It Right

Even when you’ve managed to set something up yourself, you still worry that you’ve done it wrong and that it’ll cause big problems for you or your students later. Maybe you even missed something really important.

What if you could go from raw materials to a launch-ready course in just one week?


What if you had a professional-looking course you could be proud of?

A school that looks great, matches the high-quality course content that you’ve worked so hard on, and all flows together seamlessly from homepage to thank you page.


What if you could be totally confident in your technical set-up?

No more worrying you’ve missed something important. No more anxiety about glitches when you launch. What if you had complete understanding of how it all fits together?


What if you could finally start seeing some of those hard-earned sales coming in?

After all, you’ve put in the work, right? You’ve built the actual course that’s going to transform the lives of your students, so now it’s time to start reaping the rewards.


What if you had an expert on hand to answer all of your Teachable questions?

Rather than submitting questions one by one to Teachable support, what if you had direct access to an expert for 1:1 training where you can get any question answered?


The Course Set-Up Service

Your Whole Course Uploaded & Every Setting Configured In Just One Week By Official Teachable Experts

We take your raw course materials (videos, text, audio files and PDFs) and… well, we handle everything else. In just one week, you’ll have one launch-ready course on Teachable that’s ready to welcome, convert and educate your students, and generate the online income you’ve worked so hard (and so long) for.

We really will handle everything—the curriculum upload and course settings, a stunning front end (sales page and home page), every single back-end setting and even advanced integrations with third-party tools.

All we need from you are your course materials and a few Zoom calls.
Other than that, you get to sit back and relax.

We often book out 2-3 weeks in advance, so book early to secure a spot!

So, What’s Included?

All Of Your Course Materials Uploaded And Ready For Students

We’ll take the raw content for one course (videos, text, audio files, PDFs and code), upload them to Teachable, and make sure every single setting and feature is configured exactly to your specification.

Curriculum Upload

Previewable Content

Quizzes & Compliance

Drip Scheduling

Email Announcements

Pricing Plans

Coupon Codes

Completion Certificates


Plus A Stunning Front End To Convert Visitors Into Students

Because People Don’t Buy From Bad Sales Pages… Period

You wouldn’t buy a brand new car from a showroom in a rundown barn, so don’t expect your prospective students to buy from an unprofessional-looking school. You need a whole school that communicates the quality students should expect from your course.

You’ll tell us about your design preferences (colours, fonts, imagery) so that we can build a professional-looking set of front end pages for your school—ready for your sales copy to be added when it’s ready.

1x Homepage to welcome people to your school
1x Sales Page to convince visitors to enroll in your course
1x Checkout Page to take payments and get people over the finish line!
1x Thank You Page to welcome new students and explain next steps

We often book out 2-3 weeks in advance, so book early to secure a spot!

And a Seamless Back End For a Glitch-Free Launch

All Of Your Tools Connected And Running Smoothly Behind The Scenes

We’ll go through every single back-end setting to make sure your launch is absolutely glitch-free. From comment moderation and notification settings, to your tax address and payment plan cancellation settings—we leave no stone unturned. We’ll even hook your school up to any other tools you’re using.


Affiliate Set-Up

Send us the details of your affiliate program (cookie settings, commissions, etc) and we’ll configure all of the settings behind the scenes and even provide a guide so you can set up more affiliates yourself in future.

Email Integration

If you have (or want) an email marketing platform like ConvertKit, MailChimp or Active Campaign, you might want to hook up your list to Teachable so that your students automatically get sent to your email list.

Analytics Set-Up

Curious how visitors and students interact with your school? We’ll connect your school to a Google Analytics account so you can see stats like the number of page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, and more.


Running ads to market your course? We’ll install the tracking code for your ad platform (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) so that all of your conversion data is collected and fed right back to optimise your campaign.

But Wait! There’s More

Even More Bonuses To Get You Up And Running

We want to make sure that you’re comfortable taking over your school when we’re done, so we also include in our package…

1x Expert Training Session

At the end of our week together, we’ll schedule a handover call to show you how it all works and cover any questions you have about your school. You set the agenda, so you might like us to include a beginner’s guide to Teachable or even show you more complex features (like Zapier, memberships, group access or bundles). Whatever will give you the confidence to take the reins!

1 Month of Email Support

If you have issues with anything we’ve set up or any questions we didn’t cover on our final training session, you can reach us via email for a month of free support.

We often book out 2-3 weeks in advance, so book early to secure a spot!

About CourseUp

We’re Proud to be Recommended as Official Teachable Experts

We’ve helped countless clients over the years master their online business tech and reap the awesome rewards that come from a truly “dialled in” online learning ecosystem.

When we first started working in the online course world, we were blown away at the impact successful courses can have on the lives (and incomes) of their owners. BUT there was a dark underbelly…

Online course graveyards chock full of “non-techies” who never got past the tech overwhelm to successfully launch their course.

When we discovered that dark underbelly, we knew we wanted to focus on helping aspiring course creators overcome their tech overwhelm.

So if you’re ready to get your course out there without getting lost in “help docs” that confuse more than they help… you’re in the right place!

This Is For You If…


Your Course Materials Are Completely Finished And Ready To Go

Don’t use us as a deadline! We expect all of your course materials to be totally ready to upload before booking your start date with us. Book when you’re really ready to go.


You Want Someone To Handle All Of The Course Tech For You ASAP

You know it might take months to sort all of the tech yourself, so you’d rather have an expert handle it so you can launch quicker and generate sales sooner.


But You Also Want To Learn How To Manage It Yourself In Future

You want to make sure you understand it enough to run it by yourself without an expert—all achieved through our complementary 1:1 training session.

But Not For You If…

You Haven't Finished Developing Your Course Materials Yet

We’re looking for people who can hit the ground running and go from raw content to a finished school in one week.

You Just Want To Set It All Up Yourself But Need A Few Pointers

This is our done-for-you service, but if you want to learn how to sort the tech yourself, you might like to check out our 1:1 Training Sessions.

You Need Someone To Build A Marketing Funnel Or Ad System

We’re the course tech people rather than the marketing people—we’ll build your school and connect it to other platforms but you’ll be responsible for sending traffic and setting up funnels and ads.

“Developing and editing my school was a daunting task.

I have limited knowledge on what to do, and trying to do it myself certainly only made things harder and take so much longer.

CourseUp did everything – with almost no time or effort for me! The best part was that I could completely trust their team to get everything I needed done. Any and all my queries or concerns were always followed up on, and what I got in the end was more than I expected.

The training videos, and then final hand over video call, with some additional tips and tricks have been invaluable. This process has been so easy and enjoyable, I only wish all my others would be the same.

I cannot recommend them enough. It is, and was so worth it, I have no doubt it will be the same for anyone else who choose to use their services.”

How It Works

We Have a Proven Process for Getting Schools Launched FAST


Book Your
Start Date

Choose an available Monday in the upcoming months and that’s when we’ll start setting up your pages, with the aim of wrapping up that very same week.


Send Us Your
Course Content

Choose an available Monday in the upcoming months and that’s when we’ll start setting up your pages, with the aim of wrapping up that very same week.


Schedule Your Kick-Off Call

Before we start our project, we’ll arrange a call to talk through every detail of your course to make sure we know exactly how you want it all set up.


Sit Back While We Set Everything Up

On your chosen start date, we’ll start building out your course and pages. We’ll wrap this step up by midweek, ready for you to send over any feedback.


Review and Give Any Feedback

We’ll hop on Zoom to walk through everything we’ve done, so you can give us a full round of feedback in time for us to make changes by the end of the week.


Attend Your Handover Call

Often the most valuable session we’ll have together, the handover call doubles as a training session, to make sure you’re totally comfortable taking the reins!

Don’t Let Another Month Go By Before You Finally Get Your Course Out There!

There has NEVER been a better time to take your expertise online…

You don’t need to be a tech whizz.
You don’t need to understand how Teachable works.
You don’t need to make any big decisions up front.

All you need is finished course content, ready to be uploaded to Teachable.

Any Other Questions?

Reach Us Via Chat

(The blue button in the corner!)

Due to the large number of enquiries we receive, we don’t take calls prior to booking, but we’re happy to answer any questions via chat/email.

“I just launched a new bootcamp on Teachable, and I just got finished working with CourseUp. Phenomenal service!

I could not have done this by myself. The team at CourseUp were wonderful and helped me every single step of the way. Well worth the money!

I’m not an idiot (I’m good at coding HTML) but I found Teachable difficult to work with, and everyone at CourseUp really was just wonderful. Before? I was lost. But while working together it was incredible. Energizing!

I’m going to tell all my clients… if they want to do an online course, hire CourseUp. The team were understanding and didn’t make me feel stupid. They were just phenomenal. They were great. I want to work with them more. I would absolutely work with CourseUp again. Thank you so much!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Your Fellow Course Creators Asked Before Saying “Yes” to Finally Getting Their Course Up and Running

Q1. I can probably figure this out on my own eventually. Do I really need someone to do it all for me?

It’s absolutely possible for you to DIY your course set-up.

The only question is… How long will it take you to figure it out?

And how will you have total confidence that it’s all set up right?

Our clients recognise that time is of the essence. And the time they would spend figuring it all out (months in many cases) would be much better spent out there promoting their course.

From the initial idea to the final launch, our clients tell us it took them between 6-12 months to get this thing up and running – even with our help during the final stages.

Do you have that kind of time to spare?

Or are you ready to start getting students into your course ASAP?


Q2. Are you sure I won’t get overwhelmed, even with you helping me?

You don’t know us yet, but trust us when we say YES!

By definition, the clients we work with are usually non-techies who get overwhelmed even thinking about setting up their own school. And our job is to not only handle all of the legwork, but also to make sure that they get how it all works.

We don’t want our clients to become dependent on us. We want them to be totally confident in managing their own school after our project wraps up.

 And even our most “tech-challenged” clients tell us that we consistently achieve that goal.

Q3. Is the course content REALLY the only prerequisite to sign up? Do I need to make any important decisions before booking?

We really do only need your course content upfront (i.e. videos, audio, text, PDFs, etc).

Once you’ve booked, we’ll talk through all of the other decisions together on our kick-off call.

If you already know your pricing, your autoplay preferences, your subtitle, your comment area preferences, etc… that’s great. But it’s also not essential.

So when you’ve got your course content ready to upload, we’re ready to take your booking!

Q4. I’m not sure I want to use Teachable. Are there any other tools you work with instead?

As official Teachable Experts, Teachable is our go-to course platform. We don’t currently work with other course platforms, however, we’re happy to work with other tools and platforms that connect with Teachable. For example, during our course set-ups, we often connect Teachable with tools like ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Sumo, etc.

Q5. I have specific ideas about how my school should look. Can you take that into account create my pages?

The short answer is “it depends”!

We can easily match an existing brand with your chosen webfonts and colours.

But if you have specific ideas for how your sales page and homepage should be structured (rather than following our recommended structure), please contact us before booking.

You can run your ideas by us first to make sure we can build your pages exactly how you want them!

Q6. I’m not sure what I should write on my sales page. Will you help with writing the content too?

Our service provides you with tried-and-tested page sections that include filler copy where you can fill in your own copy to craft a conversion-focused sales page. So you’ll be given the structure of a great sales page and be able to add your own content to finish it yourself.

If your copy is ready to be added to your pages before we wrap up, we’re also happy to do the legwork of actually adding your copy to each section.

Join 160+ of Your Fellow Course Creators Who Said “YES” to Finally Getting Their Course LIVE

We’ll take you from unpublished videos and PDFs to a launch-ready course in one week!

We’re only able to take on a limited number of projects each week, so book now to avoid disappointment—these spots really do fill up!

Any Other Questions?

Reach Us Via Chat

(The blue button in the corner!)

Due to the large number of enquiries we receive, we don’t take calls prior to booking, but we’re happy to answer any questions via chat/email.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help!

From this week, we’re pushing and promoting students to do everything online and we are so excited about this journey.

If we didn’t have your help, I would still be sitting scratching my head and probably crying trying to figure out how to set up the first page!”

Laura Lander
Trilogy Luxury Training School