How to Add Custom Text To Your Teachable Footer

Need to add a disclaimer or some small print to your school?

Teachable allows you to add links to your footer, but not a lot else. So if you want to add any text to your footer, you need to add a little but of custom code.

Here's how.

Step 1: Copy this custom CSS code

Highlight and copy this code to your clipboard. Then follow the instructions underneath on where to paste it.

See the Pen Public: Add text to Teachable footer by Siobhan James (@taskerly) on CodePen.

Step 2: Paste the code into your school

The code needs to be pasted into the CSS area of your school.

  1. Open your Teachable admin area.
  2. Click Site in the icon menu.
  3. Click Code Snippets in the text menu.
  4. Open the Cascading Style Sheets section (arrow on the right).
  5. Paste your code into the text area.
  6. Enter your own text into the Content line of the code (keeping the quote marks and semi-colon in place).
  7. Click Save.

shadow full

Step 3: Check your footer!

Your text should now show up in the footer.

If you want to edit the size of the text, just edit the lines in the code that say 'font-size'. For example, change it from 17px to 21px. There's a setting each for normal devices, tablets and phones, so you can find the right size for each device.

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