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6 Advanced Tools to Boost Course Conversions

Heads up! This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and then make a purchase, we might make a small commission. But rest assured, we ONLY recommend tools that we know, love and use in our own business.

Your sales page is the cornerstone of your course marketing strategy. No matter how good your course or your email marketing, if your sales page doesn’t convert, your launch will be stopped in its tracks.

So how can you boost conversions beyond making sure your copy and design are on point?

In this post, we’ll go through six advanced ways to boost course conversions.

Let’s Boost Course Conversions!

1. Countdown Timers

If your students don’t feel a sense of urgency, they’re less likely to convert there and then. Maybe they’ll plan to come back later and forget, or maybe they’ll just get distracted and leave your page.

Add a countdown timer to your sales page is a surefire way to add a sense of urgency.

Tools like Deadline Funnel allow you to add a timer to your page, so that your visitors can see when your launch window will close or a coupon/offer will expire. Once the timer ends, the offer is no longer available to them.

These timers can even be used for evergreen courses, where the product or offer doesn’t actually expire, but Deadline Funnel will start a unique timer when someone first visits the page. That personal timer then automatically expires the offer after the set amount of time.

2. Proof Notifications

We all know how important it is to include social proof on your course sales page. Testimonials build trust in your audience and increase your authority.

But how to take social proof to the next level to boost course conversions even more? Try out social proof notifications.

Tools like Pulse allow you to add notifications to your sales pages that show who signed up for your course and when they did it. You might have noticed them over on our Teachable Services page.

These are a great way to double up on the social proof to boost course conversions.

3. Live Chat

Live chat needs little introduction. These are the little features you usually see in the bottom right-hand corner of websites. They allow you to send a message to the team or person behind a website “live”.

These are super effective at removing barriers and handling objections while a visitor is still on your sales page, rather than them leaving with unanswered questions that they couldn’t be bothered to use a full-on contact page for.

Tools like Chatra, Intercom and Drift let you easily add a live chat function to your course sales page so that prospective students are just one click away if they have a question. Many of these tools also let you automatically initiate a conversation while a visitor is on your page.

4. Social Lockers

Social lockers are a WordPress-specific tool that lets you keep content behind kind of social paywall. Wrap a shortcode around the content you want to lock, and the locker will require that visitors share the page on social media to unlock the content.

How does this apply to course sales pages? Well, if you hide a coupon code behind something like Social Locker, not only will you incentivise sharing your sales page to boost traffic, but your visitors will also benefit from a coupon code.

The fact that this increases social shares means you might get a nice little viral loop going. Remember, though, that these lockers almost always require your sales page to be hosted on WordPress.

5. Exit Pop-Ups

One of my pet peeves is pop-ups on a sales page. When trying to decide whether a course or product is right for you, there’s nothing more off-putting than alternative products or offers being thrust in your face repeatedly, actually preventing you from reading the main copy.

Our general rule of thumb is “one sales page, one offer”.

However… we make an exception to this rule for exit pop-ups. These are triggered when a visitor’s cursor heads towards the back button or address bar in their browser, which usually means they’re done with your page.

Exit pop-ups are far less intrusive than showing a pop-up while they’re still digesting your content. They’re also the perfect place for a downsell or lead magnet offer, since the visitor is signalling that they’re not ready for your main offer right now, but maybe they’d be interested in a lower-priced offer on the same topic.

Tools like ConvertKit, MailChimp and Sumo let you create exit intent pop-ups super easily and embed them on your course sales page.

6. Retargeting

And last but not least… retargeting with paid ads. OK, so this one isn’t exactly a sales page-specific technique, but it’s worth mentioning.

Retargeting with paid ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) allows you to show ads specifically to people who have visited your sales page but not bought your course yet.

In fact, if you’ve been on our website but not opted in for one of our freebies, you may start to see some of our own ads on Facebook. These are a super cost-effective way to re-engage potential customers who may be interested in buying from you, but who weren’t ready to buy at that exact moment in time.

It often takes multiple “touchpoints” with your business before people are willing to buy from you, so retargeting ads are a way to stay top of mind for people who were interested enough to click through to your sales page.

That’s all, folks!

Those are the six advanced techniques we recommend to boost course conversions. Let us know if we missed any that have worked for you!

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Heads up! Some of these are affiliate links so we may earn a commission if you sign up.


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