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How to Give Beta Testers Access to Your Course

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Beta testing is a common way to get feedback for your online course, but the tech isn’t necessarily straightforward.

In this post, we’ll go through step by step instructions on how to give your beta testers free access to your course without also making it available to others.

This method involves creating a coupon code for the beta testers rather than enrolling them manually. Manual enrollment is another viable way to give people access, but we usually recommend clients use the coupon method so that your checkout flow is also being tested—a great added bonus.

Step-By-Step- Giving Beta Testers Access to Your Course

Let’s set up our beta testers!

Step 1: Create a 100% off coupon

  1. Open up your Teachable dashboard.
  2. Click Courses and then the course you’d like to give access to.
  3. Click Coupons in the sidebar
  4. Click New Coupon > This Course Only.
  5. Choose Percentage from the dropdown and enter 100.
  6. Enter a coupon code, for example “BETA2020”.
  7. Change the number available to the number of beta testers you have. This will ensure beta testers don’t share the code with others without you knowing.
  8. Click Add Coupon.

Note: If this doesn’t work, it may be that you haven’t added a pricing plan to your course yet. Click Pricing > New Pricing plan, then try creating the coupon again.

Step 2: Share the purchase URL

  1. Click Pricing in the sidebar.
  2. Click Copy in the Purchase URL column.
  3. Share this link with your beta testers along with the coupon code you created. Students will be able to enter the coupon code on the checkout page they land on.

Bonus Step

You might also like to provide instructions, just in case your beta testers struggle to locate the coupon section when they go to the purchase URL. Here are some example instructions you’re welcome to use!

Thanks so much for agreeing to be a beta tester for my course. I’ve set you up with a coupon code so you get free access. All you need to do is go to this link [insert your purchase URL here] and enter the coupon code [YOURCODE] for 100% off. The “Add Coupon” button can be easy to miss—it’s right underneath the image in the “Order Summary” section. Once you’ve checked out with the coupon code, you’ll get immediate access to the course.

You’re also welcome to share this image to show people where the coupon section is.

That’s it!

Your beta testers will now have full access to your course for free.

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